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The Cincinnati Cocktail Competition, Art, and Music Festival

If you were there, you know what a huge success Cincinnati Alchemy Fest 2022 was.  And you know what?  We'll top it for 2023 at our new location - Smoke Justis in Covington!

First Place Winner!

Jade Colwell - Smoke Justis

Second Place! 

Ray Perryman - Three Spirits Tavern

Third Place! 

Ethan Sheppard - Azul


Molly Wellmann - Japp's

Allie Martin - WEBN

Vernon Jackson - The Noble Barber

Here's what we did this year:

15 eager and crafty bartenders started

In 3 preliminary rounds of 5 bartenders each, each round was sponsored by three of Cincinnati's best distilleries - listed below.

Two bartenders from each round advanced to the final six, based on audience participation vote!  A few of the bartenders had over 300 tickets!

The top 3 won in the money!

1st Place - Jade Colwell from Smoke Justis in Covington @hrecomesthesun

2nd Place - Ray Perryman from Three Spirits Tavern in Bellevue @threespiritstavern

3rd Place - Ethan Sheppard - Freelance/Independent @ethanshep52

Here was the May 15 lineup of bartenders:

New Riff round - 3:00

  • Tom - Cartridge Brewing
  • Ethan - Azul
  • Vikki - Tiki Tiki Bang Bang
  • Fynne - Cosmic Gorilla
  • Mandy - Symposium

Boone County round - 4:45

  • Kiki - Homemaker's
  • Andrew - Fireside Pizza
  • Jordan - Tillie's Lounge
  • Jade - Smoke Justis
  • Ray - Three Spirits Tavern

Five Stories round - 6:30

  • Billy - Wiseguy Lounge 
  • Jason - Nicola
  • James - Ibiza
  • Mikayla - Sacred Beast
  • Mandy - Symposium

Huge thank you to our Spring '22 alcohol sponsors:

These three generous partners provided the liquor for a round each.  Five bartenders competed in each round with the goal of making it to the final round of competition - two from each round - with the judges.  There they continued to represent their distillery and go for the glory!

New Riff Distilling -

Five Stories Spirits -

Boone County Distilling -

The bartenders, the judges, and the crowd really made this event a very special one.  

If you were there making history with us - thank you!

Here are some scenes from the May 15, 2022 event.

Here are some scenes from the Oct 24 2021 event.

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