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What is Alchemy Fest?

15 eager and crafty bartenders start by making batch cocktails for you to sample and vote on. There are three prelim rounds of five bartenders. Each of the rounds is sponsored by a distillery. Two bartenders from each round advance to the final six, and are then voted on by three judges!  The top 3 bartenders win money!

What is Your Role?

For the first three rounds, you get tickets to vote for your favorite cocktails. Yeah, that’s right… You get to sample drinks and vote on your favorite! This is audience participation at its finest! The two bartenders that win off your votes will go to the finals. Who are you going to vote for and take to the finals?

2023 Winners

Congrats to our Alchemy Fest Winners! Thanks to everyone involved in Alchemy Fest 2023!

1st Place: Tyler Sargent

Wiseguys Covington
Michter’s Round


2nd Place: Logan Adams

Pinball Garage
Log Still Round


3rd Place: Jordan Vidas

Goose & Elder
Michter’s Round

Alchemy Fest 2023


3 Rounds. 1 Distillery & 5 Competitors Per Round.

Round 1: Three Keys Distillery

The first round is made up of five competitors using products from Three Keys Distillery. The round will begin at 3:00pm and end at 3:45pm.


Round 2: Log Still Distillery

The second round is sponsored by Log Still Distillery. There are five competitors in round two that will begin at 4:15pm and end at 5:00pm.


Round 3: Michter's Distillery

The third round uses products sponsored by Michter’s Distillery. There are five competors to vote on. The round will begin at 5:30pm and end at 6:15pm.



You’ll Vote for the Winners of the First 3 Rounds. The Judges Only Vote for the Final Round.

Returning Judge Molly Wellmann

Former owner of Japp’s, author, master mixologist, and Cincinnati historian Molly Wellmann needs no introduction. She’ll be a third-time judge for Cincinnati Alchemy Fest and we’re thrilled to have her back in the judge’s seat again this year for another awesome competition.

Instagram @mollywellmann

CAF 2022 Winner Jade Colwell

And look who’s joining us this year, none other than our Cincinnati Alchemy Fest 2022 winner, Jade Colwell!  Jade is the bar manager at Smoke Justis, a brand new mom, and it will be very cool to have her lending her expertise in a judge’s chair for 2023. Welcome Jade!

Instagram @hrecomesthesun

Boars Room GM Dan Altom

Give a big CAF welcome to Dan Altom! Dan is an accomplished pro in the hospitality industry and has a palette like none other. He is currently the GM at Boars Room in Covington, doing bourbon and wine tastings, and putting the private club on the map in the region.  

Instagram @boarsroom


15 Total Bartenders. 5 Competitors Per Round. 

Lee Caldwell

Second Story
Round 1: Three Keys

Billy Bays

Augusta Distillery
Round 1: Three Keys

Deonna Sora

Sweet Dee Hospitality
Round 1: Three Keys

Joey Fening

Round 1: Three Keys

Geoffrey Kaicher

Pins Mechanical
Round 1: Three Keys

Henry Burgin

The Standard Covington
Round 2: Log Still

Logan Adams

Pinball Garage
Round 2: Log Still

Jordan Young

Tillie’s Lounge
Round 2: Log Still

Nimer Naber

Round 2: Log Still

Alex VanWinkle

Three Spirits Tavern
Round 2: Log Still

Tyler Sargent

Wiseguys Covington
Round 3: Michter’s

Jordan Vidas

Goose & Elder
Round 3: Michter’s

Trent Ruby

Round 3: Michter’s

Sara Barnett

Covington Yard
Round 3: Michter’s

Lauren Willis

Pins Mechanical
Round 3: Michter’s

Ready for next year?

Come vote on the competition, and enjoy live music and local art.